About pool.ms

Pool.ms supports both GPU and ASIC mining, and miners can mine on the pool through any software.

Pool currently serves two coins - Ethereum Classic - and mainly focuses on miners' profitability and cost savings through 100% pool fee cashback for minerstat software.

  • minerstat: The pool website was brought to you by minerstat team. Minerstat is a monitoring and management software for both GPU rigs on Linux and Windows and ASIC machines.
  • Anonymous mining: You can connect to pool.ms with any software - even outside minerstat - with only your ETC wallet address.
  • Reward + MEV + Fee cashback: There is only 2% fee on rewards and MEV. This fee can be returned to you in form of minerstat credits if you decide to use minerstat for monitoring and management of your rigs.
What is a 100% pool fee cashback?

When you are using minerstat software and are mining to the Pool.ms you are eligible for a pool fee cashback in form of minerstat Credits (msc). You will automatically start collecting msc which can then be used towards minerstat subscription.

What do I need to use Pool.ms?

You only need to choose the coin you want to mine (Ethereum Classic), prepare your wallet address, and decide which software you will use for mining. Then set up your mining client or software to connect to our pool.

What about the pool's fees?

The fee is 2% of a share from the block, MEV, or any other kind of reward. If you are using minerstat software, then you can get the whole 2% back in form of minerstat Credits (msc).

Using minerstat makes Pool.ms even more rewarding
Collect 100% of your fee back as minerstat Credits
Get your Credits