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What is is ETC cryptocurrency mining pool provided by the team behind minerstat monitoring and management software with cooperation with mining pool. was introduced to offer one additional service to minerstat users and customers to make their mining more efficient and services more approachable.

By mining to you can collect minerstat credits, which can be used towards your minerstat subscription.

What are the fees?

The fee for mining at is 2%.

How to withdraw coins?

Payments are made automatically at 00:00 UTC if your minimum payout threshold has been reached and you are using valid ETC wallet for ETC mining.

Do you support exchange/smart contract wallet addresses?

No, exchange/smart contract wallet addresses are not supported.

What is the reward method? uses PPLNS reward method.

What is the minimum payout threshold?

The minimum payout threshold is 0.1 ETC for mining Ethereum Classic.

How to join

You can join by simply connecting your mining rig to our stratum addresses.

  • ETC:

For detailed instructions please visit out Get started page.

How to get the 100% fee cashback from minerstat?

To get 100% fee cashback in form of minerstat credits, make sure to:

  • Join minerstat: Register to minerstat from here.
  • Connect to Connect to as explained here.

Why is hashrate on pool different than what mining client reports?

Pool only received the amount of shares that are submitted to it and calculates the hashrate based on that, so there can be a difference with what mining client reports as hashrate and what is detected as hashrate on the pool.

  • Current hashrate: Sometimes also called the effective hashrate. It is calculated based on the amount of shares you have submitted to the pool, share difficulty, and luck.
  • Average hashrate: Average value of current hashrate reported through some period of time.

Why is balance updating with delays / slowly?

Your balance updates every time the pool finds a block. Since pool is still relatively small, blocks are not found as frequently as on other pools. You can check blocks the pool found here.

Do you offer API?

Yes, you can find API documentation here.

I reached minimum payout threshold but didn't get paid. What can I do?

If you are mining to exchange or any other smart contract address, we are unable to send you the transaction. In this case please step in touch with us and let us know the ETH address you were mining to and to which ETH address (that is not a smart contract) you would like to get paid.

Using minerstat makes even more rewarding
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